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Let us help answer your dental questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why dental x-rays are necessary?

Your dentist will determine whether you need an x-ray based on a combination of things including the symptoms you present with, your age, and your dental history. If you have good oral health and a low rate of tooth decay you will generally need less x-rays.

Dental x-rays, particularly the digital x-rays in use here at Belmont Dental Surgery confer minimal radiation risk. Your dentist will only take x-rays when they feel that the benefits outweigh any risk. If you have had x-rays done at another dental practice it is good to obtain copies of them. If you chose to visit another dental practice and have had x-rays done here at Belmont Dental we are always happy to forward them for you.

X-rays can help diagnose the following:


  • Decay
  • Infection
  • Impacted teeth
  • Bone loss due to gum disease
  • Cysts
  • Oral Cancer

Why do I need to fill in a medical history form?

As a new patient and annually for regular patients we will ask you to fill out a medical history form supplied by the Australian Dental Association. This form includes your contact details and some detailed questions about your general health.

It is important for the dentist to have a full picture of your overall health, particularly if you are taking medications, as some may have a significant impact on the dental treatment they provide. Of particular concern are Bisphosphonates, Warfarin and Anti-Depressant medications but you should include information about all prescription and non-prescription drugs. If you have an up-to-date medications list provided by your GP, it is helpful to bring it to your appointment.

Also, please note that we will ask for your height and weight. These questions relate to the prescription of medication and to the fact that our dental chairs have an upper weight limit stipulated by the manufacturers. If your weight is above 130kg, please contact us for further information.

How much will the treatments cost?

It is very difficult to make any assessment of the cost of dental treatment until the dentist has seen the patient. We can give prices over the telephone for routine check-ups, consultations, and x-rays for instance but the price of treatment needs to be determined after you have seen by the dentist.

At your check-up or consultation visit, your dentist will normally prepare a treatment plan for you if further work is required and this will be as close as possible to what they expect to do.

It is important to bear in mind that changes may be necessary after treatment is commenced. For example, although we can tell if decay is present from an x-ray, its true extent may not be apparent until the dentist begins to treat the tooth.

Suggestions & Feedback

An important part of providing a good service is listening to our patients so please tell us how you find your experience here at Belmont Dental Surgery. If you feel there is something we could be doing better we would love to hear from you.

There are links below to both an online suggestion box, which offers the option to provide anonymous feedback, and a downloadable feedback form which you may wish to complete and return to us.


Feedback Form

If you have had a positive experience at Belmont Dental Surgery we would love you to spread the word. Your contribution to growing and improving our business is appreciated.

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What our clients say

Google Review

First visit and I was nervous, however I felt very much at ease as Receptionists were calming, and professional. On meeting Damian felt comfortable and he was gentle and caring and Hiliary a competent nurse. Am returning and have no hesitation in recommending the dental practice.

Google Review

I have been coming to Belmont Dental Surgery since around 2 years. They helped fix some issues I had at the start and now I'm always happy to come back for me regular check up, since all of the staff are so friendly & helpful.
They helped me heaps with overcoming my fear of dentist, by being so comforting and all around amazing!

Google Review

My first time at Belmont Dental and I cannot give this practice enough stars. I am always nervous going to the dentist but all of the staff were caring and professional from the moment I made my appointment. I also had the most painless clean in years thanks to the new airflow machine they used.

Google Review

I’ve been seeing Dr Phil at Belmont Dental Surgery for a few years and he has become a great friend. I’m always treated with respect by the staff and the dental experience is always pleasant at the Clinic.

Totes recommend, 10/10!

Google Review

I visited Belmont dental last week a bit nervous about dentist in receptionist I was greeted by a very friendly lady on the way down to my dentist Kevin I had a chat with a very friendly dentist Phil,Kevin put me at ease with his professional approach and attitude I would have no problem recommending Belmont dental to anyone, quality dental service.

Where to find us

Belmont Dental Surgery

171 Belmont Avenue
Belmont WA 6104

Tel: (08) 9277 3837

Public Transport:

There are bus stops (Transperth stop ID 14265 & 14257) directly outside the practice which are serviced by bus numbers 286, 287, 380 and 935.